Fun Summer Reading For Kids

Fun Summer Reading For Kids


When you read Monday… Super-Fun Day with your child, you’ll no longer be asking yourself that question.

Galveston Island, TX – June 10th 2016

Written in non-calendar form– beginning with Monday, as the majority of us routinely begin our week– Monday… Super-Fun Day will take young readers on an expedition in learning the days of the week.

Your child will be taken on a new adventure every day. –From surfing and sandcastles on Monday, or playing in the rain on Tuesday, to sailing and hot-air balloon rides over the tall pines of the forest on Wednesday, and many…many other journeys along the way. There will never be a dull moment when you’re reading Monday… Super-Fun Day. Beginning another week with paddle-boarding and kite flying will set your child’s imagination in full motion.  

*A Personal Note From the Author*

“Another lesson to be learned, not written within the pages of my book, is evident in the story of how the book came to be. Being a first time children’s book author, publication of Monday… Super-Fun Day was delayed for over six months because I was not able to find an affordable solution to illustrating what I envisioned in my imagination.

After much encouragement from my husband, I painted my first illustration in water color; not really sure what would come of my efforts.  Never-having any formal training or artist instruction, I wasn’t sure I could pull it off.  I have to say I surprised myself, and I was very pleased with how my first efforts at illustrating turned out.  

I truly believe that anyone can do anything they set their mind to doing. The world is our playground, and everyday truly can be an expedition in learning; no matter the lesson. What better introduction could we give our children to the wonderful world of reading!”

*Author Bio*

Penny Espinoza is the author of women’s fiction novel Sophi’s Shoe Fetish: Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Femmetastique Shoes, published by America Star Books in 2008. When she’s not writing and working on new projects, Penny sings lead vocals, writes new music, and plays mandolin for Gypsy Vin Rose; the Indie Folk duo she shares with her husband Nico. A few of their songs can be heard and downloaded at

Penny grew up in Fort Worth, TX, but now enjoys the island life—gardening, beach-combing, riding her beach cruiser, sailing and paddle boarding—and living in her tiny home she lovingly refers to as Mermaid Mansion. Most of all, she loves home schooling her young daughter.


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About Penny Espinoza

Penny Espinoza is a published author, off-grid camping recipe creator, singer & songwriter for Gypsy Vin Rose, children's book author and illustrator; with her debut children's title 'Monday... Super-Fun Day' now on sale through various book sellers, such as, Barnes & Noble online, (e-book only), and many brick and mortar stores like Half Price Books throughout the U.S. and internationally. Penny was first published in 2008, with her debut women's fiction novel 'Sophi's Shoe Fetish: Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Femmetastique Shoes'; which she soon plans to re-release under her own publishing label Island Press Books. When Penny's not writing, composing, and producing her original songs for Gypsy Vin Rose (the band she and her husband started nearly 10 years ago), she enjoys tiny home living, Glamming up her vintage caravan home 'Mermaid Mansion', camp cooking or Glamping, beach-combing, fishing, gardening, kayaking or paddle boarding, time on the road in her vintage '71 VW Westfalia Camper Bus, island life, swimming, cooking, riding her vintage beach cruiser, and...most of all, home schooling her young daughter. 'Monday...Super-fun Day' is her first children's book. *MORE ON TINY HOME LIVING & GLAMPING* Penny and her family enjoy living small in their tiny Glamping home. See the Before & After process at, as they continue to renovate their retro-vintage camper, Mermaid Mansion. *MORE ON THE INDIE/FOLK MUSIC OF GYPSY VIN ROSE* Download the music of GVR at

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