Available Now, on Amazon.com and Lybrary.com! –Monday…Super-Fun Day teaches the days of the week with a new and fun adventure each and every day.

Written and illustrated by island artist and published author, Penny Espinoza.

Penny was first published in 2008, with her debut novel ‘Sophi’s Shoe Fetish: Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Femmetastique Shoes’; which she soon plans to re-release under her own publishing label, Island Press.

The artist also enjoys writing, composing, and producing her original songs for Gypsy Vin Rose; the band she and her husband started nearly 10 years ago. Their music can be heard and downloaded at www.gypsyvinrose.com.

She and her family enjoy living small in their tiny Glamping home. See the Before & After process at caravanremod.wordpress.com, as they continue to renovate their retro-vintage camper, Mermaid Mansion.

‘Monday…Super-fun Day’ is Penny’s first children’s book.


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